Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where does machismo lie?

Dividing the rulers from the ruled has always been a pleasant concept I have used as portable gadget specifically when the need arises to defend and to naively forgive the commoners’ misfortune of being ruled by the grotesque and warmongers.
“No, there is a difference between Iraqi people and the Iraqi government” added with similar statements directed towards the Americans and Iranians.

But gulping too much news headlines added with some ‘intellectual’ discourse exchange with the high society from these countries, one will always realize-- plebian as plebian it is-- and so the ones in power. Bertrand Russell said it all ‘The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.’

Yes, philosophers always go on and on in circles, and the intelligent cover many variants the plebian and plebian governments can not comprehend.

Also, the state of the world is nothing but a cultivated collective effort of feeling egoistic and uncompromising.

Even though, the Sunni, Shi’a, Kurd Iraqis reached consensus on some ‘vital’ issues, it did not lead to an Iraqi parliament inclusive that of Sunnis, as they walked out only to leave Al-Hashimi embattling the Sunni Iraqi stakes. The Sunnis hard-headed, idiotic decision is another repeated mistake as their predecessor one when they boycotted last election. As for the independents, secular and hands-off religion group their stakes have been further hampered in a nation that is in dire need to for a secular over-weight to offset the rather myopic, demagoguery sectarians. Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi National Accord leader, further step to another avalanche of Iraqi politics complication is tying up with a top-notch lobbying firm to topple down Al-Maliki, which is another egg on onto Iraqi “politics” and “dialogue”.
History yet to repeat itself, because Iraqis are arrogant, selfish and simple minded due to the religion factor. Why not resolve Iraq’s problems with the given resources inside Iraq, to solve Iraqi problem and cut the feathers of non-Iraqi problems fomented by foreign interferences in Iraq, with Iraqi and Iraq-made solutions, even if it is limited. But they should try!
But the real impulse for such change is not their.

They are arrogant. And all think they having something superior than the other.

And how foul of the Sunnis to cling with any opportunity for them to ally with America if the opportunity arises, yet they frown and shame the Shi’as and other groups of doing.

And it is not the problem with who rules Iraq, it is rather the mentalities of the Iraqi people and their governors, such as the Shi’a victimized notion of 1400 reign of Sunni oppression is just pure propaganda.

Now, Iraqis have been deprived with whoever ruling Iraq, nothing is changed!

Or now the forming static perception of one group against the other, the tug of war and the lack of ability to trust, and be enlightened.

It seems that each group has its own history books, each group has its own set of generalizations, they are idiotic, backward, and Iraqi politics will always be fickle, if they keep on repeating history without reconciliation and realizing the bitter reality that their emotional intelligence does not surpass that of Hyena.

Diplomacy, dialogue, and compromising is needed, if not , the circle will go around and around, and it is better to be philosophical inconclusive rather than murderously conclusive.

We need to put all Iraqi's factions in one cage and let them fight, each other, do whatever, so we can get the draft, it is about time.