Thursday, February 28, 2008

masters in political economy or economics?

the first, I enjoy the far most, and I feel I can excell far most as well , but with economics it yields far more salary gains generally speaking?!

though my economist friend just got laid-off.

God bless Canada.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Raghooda's tag :)

Thank you Raghooda for tagging me, its just made me realize so many things of my gender position, I think I am a very frustrated female. :D

Things that make me happy being a girl:

- I do not exactly have to have a car, I can always be chauffeured.
- If I ever say anything stupid, it will count as "cute".
- I do not have to financially be the sole provider, though I would love to be an empowered, financially able female, and thats my goal in life.
-If the girl has some looks, it can get her places, al hamudulilah :D

Things that make me unhappy being a girl:

- Way too much pressure to get me married especially as I get older, therefore biologically burdened
- Looks really does matter for any girls existence
- Extremely prone to harassment
- Virginity is such a huge fuss, unlike men. And a lot of people do not understand that women can enjoy sex as it is, unattached
-being a girl means I have to deal with men and their moodiness, and they are such a total bore and nuisance at many instances --and they are very few enlightened men--
-girls have to triple their amount of their defense line to get their rights. And they will always be labled as psychologically damaged if they seem to be stepping the feminist lines
-At many instances girl have to act feminine and cheeky in order for men to give them what they want, even their rights, which is horrible in my humble opinion, especially for a girl that speaks her mind.
-girls are not exactly understoond as human beings, and men do not quite understand women or their needs
-Not being able to dress the way I want, especially if I am in such a plebian, conservative place. I have to always be wary of the places and the hours I walk in the streets
- Girls are the ones who get pregnant and that’s painful
- girls always have to outsmart men and society to get what they need, and so it is an ongoing mental tension.

All in all, I enjoy being a girl but the older I get, the more tiresome it gets me, for its petty complications, thanx to the man-made complications and the fact that there are very few men.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Beauty and Ayerakis

"Hhhmm it is good," I said to the waiter, "I rarely find good pickles at restaurants".

"Yeah, everyday we check these jars, and these are Lebanese work," he said, flashing all he can of his Lebanese pride, but like any other curious person, his small eyelined eyes were focused, he fired "where are you from?"

"Ani 3ira8iya," I said, "I thought you were Jordanian… the accent," he said.

Of course I change my accent to make it swifter and smoother when I talk to non-Iraqi Arabs, as our accent is apparently sounds Chinese or Hindi to them.

"But is it possible in Iraq to have such beauty," he continued.

I giggled.

"But are there more?" he asked

"There are more of course, and much better," I confirmed. I ended up explaining to him that Iraqi beauty is diverse and changes from the south to the north encompassing looks from blondes to tanned skinned women with green eyes.

The eyelined waiter pursed his lips when he heard tanned skinned women with green eyes.

"Strange, of how people think of Iraqi looks," I said to him with sarcasm.

"Only now, we see Iraqi women, before when they used to come to Lebanon, they were all covered, now there is more liberalization and now we see them," he said.

(I thought that was odd, as there were Liberal Iraqi families with pretty girls residing there especially in the seventies…)

"But in the seventies, Iraqi women were liberal ………" and the conversation continued….

This is neither the first nor the last of all the redundant impressions people have on Iraqis, I don't blame them, we hardly have any good looking actors and actresses, it seems that the professional work of acting attracts the not so good looking Iraqi specimens.

And even though I do constitute a casual cute or pretty material, and I do have confidence but I found his last inquiry – if there is more- was a bit offensive, but I took it jokingly, but I no way, top the beauty of a real beautiful Iraqi woman!!!
we really do have hot women, is just they do not appear on TV much and we do not have any modeling agencies or any branding, public relations agencies that can take care of Iraq's image. We only have blood, violence and tired, poor people that they constantly show on TV.
I still remember the 1999 Clintons bombing on Iraq, the TV anchor said "the bombing hit downtown Baghad", and all I saw in the footage was old Iraqi women in black Abayas herding their sheep
I guess that was the "real" Baghdad downtown and not the lovely Mansour and its beauties.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you disagree/agree?

Advantages of a master degree

- flash flash falsh, yo, I got the masters, me got brains. It gives status and image.
- refines scattered inquiries which can lead to better practical conduct.
- a disciplinary method of learning for people are not self-efficient self-learners.

Disadvantages of a master degree
- literally puking money
- it can go totally awash if it was not done credibly or done in bad school with horrible professors.
- does not have a guarantee of a salary raise especially if it was not adjoined by practical experience later on, which is also market dependent.
- if it was not done simultaneously while working, it can be seen contextually as a procrastination time, therefore luxury.
- It can be the last resort to be marketable yet one can still pass the chance of getting no chance-- nothing can compensate for personality and diplomatic relations.
- Dependency on the guru/prof rather on one’s self.

All in all, the best people are the ones who learn through experience, it only means that they can juggle different thought processes under pressure and come out with their own thesis over time.

In today’s world people who can work under pressure and who multitask are the most successful and the smartest.

So basically its disadvantages is more than its advantage,

But the question is who can teach him/herself all they desire and want to.

It is a question of practicality so not everyone can do it.