Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you disagree/agree?

Advantages of a master degree

- flash flash falsh, yo, I got the masters, me got brains. It gives status and image.
- refines scattered inquiries which can lead to better practical conduct.
- a disciplinary method of learning for people are not self-efficient self-learners.

Disadvantages of a master degree
- literally puking money
- it can go totally awash if it was not done credibly or done in bad school with horrible professors.
- does not have a guarantee of a salary raise especially if it was not adjoined by practical experience later on, which is also market dependent.
- if it was not done simultaneously while working, it can be seen contextually as a procrastination time, therefore luxury.
- It can be the last resort to be marketable yet one can still pass the chance of getting no chance-- nothing can compensate for personality and diplomatic relations.
- Dependency on the guru/prof rather on one’s self.

All in all, the best people are the ones who learn through experience, it only means that they can juggle different thought processes under pressure and come out with their own thesis over time.

In today’s world people who can work under pressure and who multitask are the most successful and the smartest.

So basically its disadvantages is more than its advantage,

But the question is who can teach him/herself all they desire and want to.

It is a question of practicality so not everyone can do it.



Abbas Hawazin said...

i cant believe ur 25 !!!!! u seemed much older.

what else? ur going 2 say ur good looking now?

from the dude formerly known as konfused kid

Gilgamish said...

interesting you brought the looks factor in here, I was so determined to blog about how non Iraqis think of Iraqi looks. I am honestly frustrated in here.

And yeah you are only 22 and you sound far more intelligent (mashala) than your age.

yala comment 3al real topic in here ..take care :)