Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kissinger to Rabin

"I ask Rabin to make concessions , and he says he can't because Israel is weak. So then I give him more arms, and then he says he doesn't need to make concessions because Israel is strong".

I got the above quote from a newly purchased book - The Israel Lobby and the US foreign policy , and I can't wait to finish reading it.

Ah, god, I thought the quote was hilarious, although reality is dreadful and bloody, and I do feel regreful for not going to the protest with my sister in Montreal.

Anyways, thank goodness, there is ceasefire now, and alah yir7am ili matawo, ameen....

Friday, January 09, 2009

To my dear girl :

The liberated will need you to be screened through the stipulated act of sex, to check the limbs, size and hips, and the conservative want a stamp seal of the hymen is not destruct, even if she
reached the fermentation brink of late twenties, virginity is a must.
With the ultimate extremism that diffuse through men, contradictions seep through his penile existence. Different contradictory attribute must be found in you, and certain mixed proportions
has to be you, or made by you, my dear you have to know how the game is played, man is a chess game to be played, save your queen...your queen....
Extreme intelligence and intellect they seek but not over his reign of supreme control. That play girl and overt sexual wants they seek but not as obscene, she has to be shy and demure.. you milk shake, white and pure, but a vessel of sperms, you horny, you poor.
They seek in you sensitivity but not love, power but not weakness, love but not marriage,marriage but not love, contradiction lay in man...
...they calm you down in the name of modernization, and attract liberation to sway your temptation to meet his penile desire, and you wonder, why it is all lies, lies , is never past, present or future, it innate nature...
And it is only mixed proportions of contradictory diplomatic affairs....and you wonder why man, never solved war....war is man, and man is war of contradictions...they tell you to embrace your age, when they take you young over your old age...
You were brought up with virtues of honesty, bravery and principles, but when the heartache begins, you know that you offered the utmost idealism and honesty of all, and you forgot war is man, and man is war of contradictions...
you think attraction is spontaneous, and all the natural chemistry of two civilized beings, you mistaken, attraction is politics of hide and seek and the use of imagination to obstruct reality...Reality for man does not see romance in daylight, only through beams of illusions bestowed from the godly concubines above...
How can you be obvious in politics, you loose, how can you not use tactics and diplomacy to refute, so is the case of war and man is war of contractions....
you want your heart to speak in truth, you want your hands to stretch in liberty to his use, you want to reach deep in your feminine side, you want to give and give and love... I then apologize for your idealists shortcoming for he is an animal, he would not understand truthful civilization, he wants the game, the challenge, the risk, the caveman life... the exception are only for the enlightened, kind ones, and you can count few, almost a myth ....

However, for the beloved I apologize, for I know him kind to my bosom and my heart ....but now, I must admit I despise men, how can a rational human communicate to pure animal instincts...So my dear girl, grow your tactics, wear your feminine garments, be the queen of all and know the game early is deception!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I drink Iraqi nationalism

Two Middle Eastern countries bogged down in muddles of mud, one I come from, the other is a brethren nation of Arabs just like me.

Both share the same news of raucous blood smeared on TV screens. So the call of civil demonstration is as vociferous as the pain of the silent, mute, insignificant Arab corpses, and the sounds of rockets, bombs are the cheerleaders to cheer my steps to go and protest the injustice.

I am human I sympathise. But beneath the layers of what makes me an Iraqi my march rewinds and passes through the oblivions, I feel apathetic.

I hear the sound of vengeances of Halabja in 1981- 6000 dead, chemically gassed, no protest of their unimportant death.

They cheered Saddam’s mongol invasion on Kuwait. No one protested to lift the sanctions from the Iraqis; the sanctions resulted in one million Iraqi child, and the price was worth it according to Albright. I heard no protest of our worth! The post 2003 invasion, even though throngs, crowds and thousands of Iraqis welcomed the invaders and others resisted them on Iraqi dead bodies. No unified protest was organized to send a message of anger due to the high number of Iraqi deaths, no protest to unify Shi’as and Sunnis from a regional Arab spirit.

But there is the tick button, the US , the stimulator of the crowds to protest and attend their right to express and attuned their consciousness to justice, and most likely Al Zaydi’s shoe symbol is used.

The mass graves, the dead buried beneath the sand are long forgotten. “Oh you Iraqis never tried to topple Saddam,” I remember my Lebanese friend uttering unlearned history of not knowing our Iraqi history, for him and especially as he was a Hizbalah Shi’a , the 1991 uprising sunk down in the gutter, forgetting our resistance against the Ba’ath from the South to the North , to take our fate with our hands, with much hope, America supplied the helicopters for Saddam to suppress the uprising!

Leave that alone, I think I can forgive, and I sympathize and I do feel my blood is almost taking the form of diffused steam when I see what is happening in Ghaza.

But my march to protest the injustice, will it ever lead to somewhere? Do I come from an Arab entity that is strong and smart enough to take its fate with its own hands?
I am against emotionalism now, I find it meaningless, and just as we march and protest more are dead not just in Palestine but also in Iraq!

Maybe if I ever go tomorrow, I would like to express the message “Stop killing our Children too, Iraqi children”.