Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some really Awesome Job posting!

But 10 to 15 years of experience is required ! I would like to have such interesting career, careless of my outlook on globalization, but for kicks, that one interesting, boredom-routine-killer job!

Job Description


Provide analyses of critical political and economic ssues in the Middle East for stakeholders and clients who are doing work in Turkey, UAE and surrounding area.

Provide analyses of critical policy, political risk and crisis issues for private industry, commercial interests, government and non-government agencies, foundations and individuals with interests in the Middle East and in regional crisis mitigation.

Analyze macro or micro political and economic situations, warning of developing crises or providing information on a specific individual or company.

Provide written assessments of specific topics, such as the political or security situation in a country or region, regional economic trends or cultural and social issues.

Provide cost quotations based on the issue's complexity and the desired time frame for product delivery.

Provide custom-tailored presentations and lectures for decision-makers, business organizations, and community groups.

Offer multimedia presentations as well as standard transparency briefings to groups of interest.

Assists business’ in providing cross-cultural training for staff, including information on social customs and traditions and where needed, a contextual understanding of the political and religious environment of the region.


Extensive knowledge of region and culture, firsthand experience a must

Ability to effectively provide information, finding and recommendations through both written and verbal methods

Analytical thinker who can respond quickly to changing landscape, while continuing to provide information to clients in a strategic manner

Able to create strong social networks