Friday, May 30, 2008

Radicalism is a Must.

I have learned that extremism might not necessarily be extremism per se, and that is referring to whole attached negative euphemism of -extremism; only what I understand now, is that extremism is simply, whatever that is contrary to the status quo, conventionalism or changing such conventionalism.
Change is inevitable however stagnant, and it will be as such at many historical intervals, and such inertia of no change can take a while, if not years and centuries.
Maybe it does not sound correct, maybe I am trying to coin the word radical.
However, one needs to be radical to reach a certain extreme point whom the society can not accept nor fathom.
Extremism is a composite of radicalism and radicalism is the process of inventing a new thought, though not technological to facilitate laziness/costs of production into material production but it is the soul and the spirit of human freedom and discovery amid its unknown unconscious and complex changing realities than can put forth different realms of values simultaneously.

The reason that radicalism is the unacceptable breakthrough, lies behind many many reasons. It can be new, untried, scary.

For them not accepting it, it might change power structures and positions for some key people whom would not subdue to such change.
Or not being able to fathom such radical concepts, because their level of “understanding” is still stagnant at one level and they can not imagine otherwise, and also, perceptions Change Reality and ingrained values can not be seen otherwise due to fear, anxiety, life complications and not being able to freely contemplate Life and its existence therefore -curiosity is somehow ceased into the oblivion.
As crazy it is, native Americans could not visually see the European ships reaching their Shore, because they have never seen a SHIP before. Reality is not 100 percent perceived, we change reality, we change our variables yet there is something out there, but who can cope to see it...

Also, and most importantly extremism or the incipient thoughts of radicalism occur because humanity did not reach a certain interval which is the complete manifestation of itself and that understanding itself and the “truthful” values of its existence.
Knowing is always different than realizing and realizing always different than manifestation, not everyone can manifest what he/she realizes, it takes you to the next level of being AWARE.

We all have different levels of staying in touch with “reality” or what makes “reality” to us.
Even at such level of rational-industrial stage of humanity, I still think we lack behind and very very quite backward.

but how do I measure us? Not really just TV or our lack of sustainable development, I think it is the sense of my soul that feels like crying....

p.s. though Standard is a Must ....