Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thanx for Virgin Man i discovered that I am not recieving any comments. I moved in the new blogger, so everyone is welcome to my blog :)


Virgin Man said...

You're welcome. Here's my tag to you What do I read nowadays?

Maxxed`ouT said...

So u'll resume writing again hopefully?!

Ra3d said...

welcome back,, i was worried why dont u accept my comments, thought ur angry with me or somethg :(

welcome back ,, missed u.
u've been tagged for 10 magic questions

Gilgamish said...

hi guys,

I am sorry i left the blog so sudden, but i gota busy with the environment change and job hunting, i am in the uae right now, and it feels good being in an arab country for some reason.

i really miss reading your entries.
raghad and virgin man, wow whats up with all these tags, but i will do them.

yala take care and thanx for asking about me


Anonymous said...

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