Friday, June 22, 2007

Cute guy gone, yes gone just like that. Today i went to meet a female friend of mine at starbucks, it felt nice to have some change to find a person who is arab and i can connect with, it was nice moments of socializations i needed.
While we i was talking to her, there was a really cute guy giving glances, and he was looking , really looking and he looked really my type.
I did give casual glances at him while i was talking to her, but i did not smile. He looks and looks, his friends decide to leave, he looked a bit disappointed at his friends' decision, while me thinking at the back of my head "how soon".
My weekend was awesome but this tragic event of losing a cute guy is devastating.
Was i wrong not giving him a smile to encourage further advances?
I mean i just work, finish work at six, reach home at eight forty, eat and crash at ten, my venue for socialization is limited, but hopefully with this new friend of mine things will be different. but still I do not meet a potential guy every time and then, its only few encounters
After him leaving, i looked around me i did not find the guys surrounding are as attractive as i saw that guy, I felt worse.
How am i suppose to sleep, did i lose a potential mate, at least if i had conversation with him to decide if there was something or not!

Is there something you can say to lessen my regrets?
And why is it the social setting always constrain natural selection, most of the attraction spontaneous impulses happen with total strangers to me, and this one was easier in a coffee shop, starbucks.,
He was cute


Ra3d said...

hmmmm, dont regard it great loss because there is nothing u can do more, cafe random and casual meetings like this can be easily misunderstood or misued. may be he would take u wrong if u replied back.
linking to my post on mixed signals,if he REALLY wants you, he will find you, even if he is just interested by looks, he can take it to next level if he really wants.
we always meet cute guys while passing by, but u cant regard it great loss coz u didnt really get to know him that well. wait for a serious more deep chance i say :D

btw, i missed u girl

Gilgamish said...

hi Raghooda,

I think I tend to find my potential "types" monly with strangers and I it sounds superficial but sometimes you can tell if there is potential or not, and not, u can tell a person's personality in a way....and it is so boring my casual work encounters is filled with guys I find unattractive, so maybe thats why I was dissapointed.

but now i do not feel regretful, like u said, if he really wanted to get to know me, he would have done something....I want a guy who got something :D

thanx for ur insight.

and I miss you more, and I really wana get back to blogging, got lots to say.

take care :)

Maxxed`ouT said...

Come to Egypt.
Cute guys are a dime a dozen here. Or not.

Gilgamish said...

"Come to Egypt.
Cute guys are a dime a dozen here. Or not."

3u9foorun bil yad a7san min 10 3al tree, lol i really ruined the saying, but i do not have the money and time to go to Egypt :) though i would love to visit the place.

Anonymous said...

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