Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bosoms, not so seductive in this case!

Beware, alert, beware, bosom showcase ---A fully covered woman, from head to toe yet publicly breast feeding her baby!! Is not that like an oxymoron, and should not breast be covered?

I do not remember what ailment it was, but I think it was extreme dryness or diarrhea that many Iraqi kids suffered from during the sanctions, and there was this small t.v. segment in Iraq advising mothers to opt for natural milks and to breast feed their babies, and I was shocked to see a bare breast in t.v. yet the lady was muhajaba wearing 3abaya? I do not get it.

But also I remember when I was a kid traveling with my uncle’s family in a taxi from Basra to Baghdad, my uncle’s wife did not showcase her breast just like that, she covered! So why women show and others do not. But my uncle’s wife is known to be a very shy person!

And in the west, through my friend’s witness account, he was shocked to see a woman breast feeding her baby publicly. So now, it is international, it is like bosom liberation day, ooops I mean woman liberation day, but these are innocent accounts I guess, like
Janet Jackson, she is no mother but the whole universe got all hyped up when her nipple showed in the American national t.v.

So it seems, it is about innocence versus intentional seduction. So breasts lose their seductive, lecherous appeal when they are used for other purposes, and they look merely like milk containers? :D

But I still do not get it, even the face is not showing but the breast is. Weird. Can not she go somewhere more private? No honestly it is the 21 century with great edifices built; I am sure there are places women can scurry to and be unseen.

I just do not get it.


Little Penguin said...

Absolutely.. breast-feeding is one of the most touching forms of interaction between mother and child, but it's also intimate and should not be excercised in front of the world's prying eyes..

It's still cute..


Gilgamish said...

I just think it should be private. :D

field of dreams said...

I'm with you here, Gilgamish! A boob is a boob, no matter what it's being used for. I have children, and I breastfed, but I did it in private. Some women are very coordinated and can do it in a way that no one knows what they are doing, with a strategically placed blanket, etc. But the ones who whip out their breast in public for all the world to see... I don't get it.