Monday, March 08, 2010


Many of the human species make experiences as the factorial multiples of a person’s magnitude of being ‘interesting’ or otherwise.
There are some that send their rancor, that a certain set of individuals have lived along a certain scheme of arrangements, and they do not trespass the boundary of monotony, and simpleton thinking which itself can never out bound the conventional.
I found it ‘interesting’ whether or not it is really the experience that heralds a ‘distinguished’ person among others. Of course no one can ever argue that one simple experience can add one thousand meaningless jargons to be of a soulful, changing, thoughtful one nevertheless.
However, the question begs itself, can there be an ‘interesting’ person located in a limited zone interacting with such zone’s limited experience, or there is always a possibility that a simple thought can give to the progeny of thousands of invigorating thought processes, which can one day be grandpas, heralding the wrath of the younger thought generation yet to bring another new disagreeing generation.
I believe, what makes a person ‘interesting’ is not exactly the Ibn Batutta stories she shares, however the critical thinking she carries regardless of her location, it can include her while she is sitting on the toilet proving her very mortal being.
The ultimate question then, what makes some to have critical thinking while others cannot uphold the minimal requirement of its logical processes.
Of course, societies with a wider set of freedoms will entertain a higher number of people of critical thinking skills. Their critical thinking can even be entertained quite unconsciously for the freedom they enjoy.
It is simple, in a closed society all those ‘interesting’ questions will go down the drain in the name of hearsay and trespassing the very imposed union of family and social norms. It is even the fear that makes such free critical thinkers to fear their very own selves!
All in all, I take a rather Marxist take, the world is under the procession and construction towards great enlightenment, I do believe however that it will never be achievable, but this is the real ‘interesting’ engine that keeps us progressing forward.
And whoever ‘interesting’ is the one that stands a great sentinel of her own ‘critical mind’, and what is even ‘interesting’ is to see Iraq’s election results! Hmmmm could it be that Iraq’s head-turban experience can lead to a secular party winning or having more seats!
I hope next time to discuss science vs. social science differing critical skills, and if there is a difference anyways, I guess I was tired of my computer science sister to call my logical reasoning an embryo drunk with poisonous acid hence to the level of retardation.

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