Sunday, November 12, 2006

ham dokhat il faransi again...

This is the second internship I can not apply to because I can not read/write/speak French, and it was tailored to the skills I have as an IR graduate, not fair, and it is in Sydney Australia, my heart is broken, but my mind is alert thinking of learning this damn language.

ciao for now… I prefer Italian though! :D


Fayrouz said...

They needed you to know French in Australia? Which company was that?

I'm curious because I'm an Australian citizen and never heard of such work conditions. English is the workplace language in Asutralia even if you work for a foreign company.

I worked for a Swiss company in Sydney and English was their formal language at all worldwide branches.

Gilgamish said...

i guess it is not about communicating in French with Australians :D, it is more to represent Canada as a bilangual country, it is funny, cz if i to apply to a canadian embassy, they would give me a training course to learn French.
But then again, it is about foreign relations, and it should be about Canada-Australia relations, i dont see why French is a requirment, but then again i am just guessing.And it is not a company, more of an internship sponsored by Canadian gov.

Maxxed`ouT said...

French sux

Gilgamish said...


common, u lived in France, u must have some good feelings towards the French language...also, i have a question, are there unis in English in France for free...their education is free, so i was thinking if i had the chance :D

Maxxed`ouT said...

Any english education of any sort is rather expensive.
However you can make a fortune teaching english... it's really in demand !

Virgin Man said...

If you live in Canada, I guess you can register French courses for free. I lived in Quebec, I didn't know much about the regulation in Ontario.

IMHO, French language sound very nice and sexy

Gilgamish said...

i heard about it, and i did my search if they offered free french courses or not, but no, they did not, i have to pay my bucks.

probably its just Quebec.

and honestly, i do not care about how french sounds, i think of it as an asset :D

i just need a real job ......:D

Virgin Man said...

French is a Canadian official language. I believe that every Canadian should atleast make an effort to learn both English and French languages. French gave Canadian culture a unique blend and a distinct taste from American counterpart. That's how I feel longing and homesick for my new country.

Ô Canada! mon pays, mes amours