Friday, December 22, 2006

Character is fate

- Agatha Christie


اگاثا هاي، خوش مره، تعرف شلون تلخص حچي بطريقه دراميه ، ذو صدى شگاگي، ايعيط متل عياط البعير، لا منصدوك ،اذا احچايتهه طب عليها صاروخ العباس، و تفجيرات و تفخيخات و مصايب سوده، شلون الشخصيه هاي مالت الانسان الفرد اتصير قدره.......لو هاي دا تحچي على الناس اللي يفكرون، تفكير عبقري مثل حضرته.....

يلا حان الآن موعد الثوره...



Dreamer said...

well if the person believes in fate then they will believe in this phrase. But i think it's partly in your own hands too.
Although life would be much less complicated if you left everything to be decided for you by your fate.

By the way I like your blog and your writing :)


Gilgamish said...


i am not championing any pro fate argument in here....just read this quote in some book, and it was in a very different context, it is more that how u shape ur character, affects what you do and what not.

and thank you......although i do not feel like being big on blogging....probably just a phase :)