Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I do not wana blog, i dont wana rant, vent, I do not want to write, scribble, I do not want to speak, I do not want to hear, i dont wana shout, i dont wana sit, walk, run, i dont want to laugh, sleep, die, i dont want to be, but i DO want to do. I want to do. Do and achieve.


zmanutdz said...

So do you want to do what you want to do? Or you want to do what you dont know yet to do ?

Gilgamish said...

i want to do what i have to do, i am gona go uae, hopefully save money, if i meet the right kind of ppl , u know connections, then i will delve in it...if not, then update my skills, and continue with my education, though, i might stay away from social science and do more biznizy stuff.

for the time being i know the sketches, yala take care :)