Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chocolate is for pussies.

Modern warriors no longer wear helmets and carry engraved scars on their demolished skin and anatomy, rather those modern fighters are the best dressed, with vitamin-c moisturized skin, donning their best fearless smiles in the worst times.
And they do not fume anger, at least in the presence of others, as they want to signal self-discipline and self-control. Putting their ultimate zealous-defiance upfront is a priority, to not let the quagmire bog them down further in the slump.
These warriors do not use swords to thrust it into their enemies; it is their computerized gadgets they use to re-align their strategic defense, and marketing campaigns to clean mirror images of their polished positive, entrepreneurial spirits.
They are the go-getters, with no time to question themselves.
Their weapon of defense and attack lies solely in their capability to think ‘straight’, excised from any emotional beating amid fiery situations.
Are they robots?
No, but they have became like advanced technology, with think-tank rational backing up their system to settle from the chaos to stability, after all their fight is the continuous mind-discipline to think – positive – all the time, at all costs.
Their scars are of an interior type, hidden inside their inside, blocked and deleted for anyone to see.
The solemn, quiet, non-reactionary inside of these warriors is what makes them rational.
After all, who needs emotions when they are the ultimate downfall for anyone to ascend the corporate-ladder or even in the modern-day romance.
If they ever want to hit with their cruise missiles, be sure that they hit the targeted location with their strained and constrained minds to squeeze refined creativity in the intangible war of ideas.


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