Saturday, September 23, 2006

Inspiration to activism.

People that want to do something inspire, the ones that stay idle, stay as it is.

With my very short, blogging experience, distances between me and some other Iraqi bloggers from outside Iraq just like me are shortened, I have discovered that there are Iraqi individuals who want to do something to uplift Iraq in any practical means possible and attainable to them. One notable Iraqi American activist Nayj - , thought that we should brains storm and think of what we can do to help Iraq. Little Penguin from commented once in my blog, exclaiming … “How am I meant to contemplate my existence or meditate whilst tens of Iraqis are being killed everyday? It's impossible,” even though he sounded very emotionally outraged and exaggerative at least to me, his patriotism is distinguished
After my realization about some Iraqi bloggers, I chit chatted with an Iraqi online friend of mine from New Zealand, I have known him for the past six years, he told me, that he and some of his friends will be starting a group using the advantage of Media to spread their views of Iraqi unity and patriotism, and he asked me to be the Canadian representative, which I of course accepted.

The point is, there are many Iraqis that want to do something, and we just need collective efforts, and the will. But it should not be sudden, or abruptly, it should be gradually, I believe there should be social activism at first, which can definitely lead to be a political one. We need to bridge the distances between Iraq’s different political views; we should hinder and halt any propaganda and their effects in making perceptions of the other, the other “group.”

Iraqis outside Iraq can contribute to great activism than the ones inside, in the matter of fact; we can help the activism inside Iraq. Iraqis inside Iraq do not have as much as mobility as we do abroad. I remember watching a documentary in Aljazeera about Egyptian bloggers, and it was great to watch, and it was amazing of how much power a blogger can have, not only a blogger can show human rights abuse through the snap shots he took from his camera to broadcast it online, but also, they can also assemble protests, and make their voice heard! I thought to myself, how come educated, patriotic Iraqi youth are not doing that as well, the answer is simple; we just have more bombs dropped in Iraq than in Egypt.
The question then is, how can activism thrive in such an insecure environment, not only intellectuals are murdered but the educated are leaving en masse and they can’t wait to leave!
How can we Iraqis formulate some sort of activist civil society?
I am looking for answers. Any creative thoughts?

But I must admit, I though of activism ever since I started blogging, but the thought died away, probably that my realization that there are quite a good number of Iraqis that want to do something, was not there, since I have not discovered that “many” that want to do something.

And now, I just want to attach something really old, an email I wrote to some friends, I wrote it when my uncle was given the ultimatum to leave Basra because of his sect. I Thought of doing something, and I could not do, now, my uncle he can’t go back, and is applying for his immigration to Canada, of course with the financial help of my mom and my other uncle, but how about the very poor!

Here it is:

First of all, excuse me if I come across that I know it or too naively ambitious due to limitations, which I know off.

The Iraqi people should know who is doing them good and who is not. Therefore, reporting human rights abuses is our first step, we should publicize our findings to enlighten the population because it is in my opinion for the interest of the Iraqi nation, Iraqis should learn and know how much it is important to stick with each other. An Iraqi fighting another Iraqi is just ill and horrible, and it is even more morbid once one realizes that the forces behind it are either foreigner or Iraqi powers that cares only about its certain group, and I am talking about everybody in here.

Apart from reporting human rights abuses whom we should work in coordination from trustworthy sources inside Iraq whom both Arabic and non-Arabic media are chicken scared to report, we should also, work on the social level, by educating Iraqis on many misconceptions that have been fed to them by powerful elites whom I think care only about exerting their power. I believe that Iraqis whether outside or inside, see only their clouded thoughts, and these clouds are their sense of victimization that their sect probably only the one that has been victimized, with us educating them, and reporting human rights abuses, people will see the Big picture and not be only overwhelmed by their own life examples whom they very well can attest that they are being hurt because they were Christians, Sunnis, Shia’s or Mandeans for example.

I totally believe that the Iraqi people are ready to work on having a great, stable life, it is just they do not know how to work together on this, therefore we should help to accentuate the culture of ta3awin, or helping each other regardless of background or any other regional differences. In Iraq or the greater Middle East, we do not have the culture of voluntary work, everyone seems to be stuck in their own lives, I believe in promoting such culture, and every individual should feel that they can help, a lot of people feel helpless or un-ambitious on what their abilities can do, even in the west they are people like that.

Iraqis should discover other Iraqis; they should discover that we all want to live a great life in our country and that we all want a country that we feel proud of belonging to it.

I am well aware of our limitations, but step after step we will have more succinct plant on how to get to our goals, the west did not reach to the way it is, it only reached its height when people knew what was the right thing to do, Iraqis should get their rights and fight for their rights, or else we will be puppets directed by our bosses of Iran and the USA.

That is at least theoretically, practically I do not know how to grow, but I know our first step is for instance forming this network.


olivebranch said...

briiiiiiiillllliant post!!!
have a look at the OB network:

this is an attempt to do something for Iraq... From Iraqis and from ME, a non-Iraqi from Perth, Western Australia.

programmer craig said...

Nice post, Gilgamish :)

Gilgamish said...


yes, blogging is a great effort to reflect into what is happening in Iraq, and it is much appreciated, but i guess i wanted more.


long time no see, and thanx.

funny,seeing the reply so far, there is not much activism happening among iraqis abroad, everyone wants to mind their own business.

but i willl keep on trying..especially if i get any chance.

thank you guy for your replys.


nayj said...

thanks for mentioning my blog! I sometimes feel useless in re: activism. I am getting involved w/ others such as RWOC blog since I feel like they are trying to engage issues of activism more directly. Iraqis like to talk, complain, accuse, negate, disparage, and then what? where does this get us? how can we move forward and take ourselves to a level where we examine and critique our selves first!?

programmer craig said...

Hi Gilgamish,

I noticed about a year ago (last fall sometime) that on Iraqi blogs it seemed like nobody wanted to say anything good anymore. Just seems like evryone lost hope at about the same time. I seldom even comment on Iraqi blogs anymore because I just can't think of anything good to say.

I honestly hope you can find a way to make a difference... Iraq needs a lot more people like you :)

Gilgamish said...

"Iraqis like to talk, complain, accuse, negate, disparage, and then what? where does this get us? how can we move forward and take ourselves to a level where we examine and critique our selves first!?"

you are absolutely right. Iraqis abroad, they just want to get their education, work, get married and have kids, and there is nothing wrong with that, but some people gota do something to inspire and attract others to do the same.
And yes, i do feel useless too, i dunno, it is hard to see something done, we need way more passion and dedication in order for anything to happen.

and i love what you said, examine and critque ourselves, i am honestlly in a mission to read more of Iraqi history.

if you've got any ideas,plz let me know.


it is very important to say what is happening in iraq, it is very important to say what is lacking there, and what is hurting and aching there, but in the same time, yes there should be some expectations that some people gota do something, politicians aren't. i dunno from where it starts, but for me, somehow iraqis outside iraq have the luxury not to worry about losing their lives and such, they probably can help up iraqis inside iraq, fund them, build some voluntary work environment there, and try to examine and analyse like what nayj said.

all i am doing is tossing words in the blogsphere, i have no idea what to do next.

"I seldom even comment on Iraqi blogs anymore because I just can't think of anything good to say."

sometimes saddness is so great, you need some magic to uplift it, can we solve the insecurity issue in iraq?

take care guys. :)

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