Tuesday, October 10, 2006

in7irgat a39abi, galbi itakasar, itmaza8....

I read the latest entries of Miraj in her blog Baghdad Chronicles http://blog.aliraqi.org/, what a sad story, I swear, I felt really sad when I read it, I can not imagine myself in the place of um Hasan, wala, it is really sad, so I wrote this poem to express my anger and sadness, and my great contempt against this ugly war brought upon the lives of innoncent Iraqi civilians, may god and the good forces of nature be with them.

wala galbi inshila3 shal3eh,

Here is it,

Titled: Price of War

Where infinity cannot reach.
The innocents’ hearts with war and its sordid mischief.
Between the bullets, her kisses cannot reach.
The wound of her love to him, she digs her fear,
away away,
in the black box of silence, (solemn ) ….. melancholy and sadness are here.
Avalanche of love she feels,
to him,
no where, he is found,
Kidnapped, missing, taken, away… away!
he still lives in the sight of her eyes,
her stomach,
and through her tears;
her ears, hear his echo from a distance,
Imagining him, his touch, his kisses…
She cries in her labor,
in his name,
“Oh dear, oh dear, my love, your baby son, Hasan is here!”


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zmanutdz said...

Shingool ishni7chi, 3'eir inshallah yerga3 salim ow an3al abo ili chan il sabab. Really sad
:( :( :(