Tuesday, June 27, 2006


BB or BiBi in Iraqi means nana or grandmother.

oh well, mom called today since she is works in North Carolina, and told me that bb went back to Basra. I was shocked. It was a brief conversation since mom wanted to talk with my dad. Apparently my grandmother left UAE early today and arrived an hour or so afterword in Basra, she took an airplane. I felt that my uncles were so horrible that they would let an old woman go back to such a dangerous zone. Apparently it was my grandmother's decision, and she wanted so, since the militias are stealing properties of the people who left, so she wanted to go back there, so they know that there is a person there. And I asked mom that if there is a big possibility that they would hurt bb, aparently mom thinks that she is an old woman and they would hardly harm her.

I dunno the whole thing sounds ma a3ruf shlon. we'll c what will happen.

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