Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Emails and Phone calls.

I contacted today Amensty international via the phone, left a msg and I told them what I know. I also, emailed human rights watch to whatever emails I got online, mostly US headquartes like Washington etc, however the email to toronto@hrw.org came back as an email failure. How bad, I live in Canada, and the only e mail to Canada was a failure.

I browsed through their sites http://www.hrws.org & http://www.amnestyusa.org . HRW had a section of how a person can get into the action of doing something, like blogging for human rights, it sounded cool but I am already kind of doing that, but I must admit I am new.

I do not know, it seems there is not much I can do really except than talking and writing, although I feel at times to go back to Iraq and shout "Hey, people we should love each other" and throw a hippie party or yell, "never listen to foreigners and stick to each other". I sound stupid but that is how I feel, I feel like a little kid inside, I remember when I used to be a Kid reading history, I always wondered why do people go to war with each other, why can't we all be nice and good to each other and live happily after. Even though after finishing my degree of International Relations, and I have took courses like Conflicts and resolutions, I can not help but still think that little kid kind of a way. But it somehow led me to realize - not that i did not know that before, that people are so easily brain washed, easily frightened. There is not much of independence but only dependence on what the top dog has to say, if all the people who share thie little kid instinct can unite rather than being loser, idealist intellectuals, then something can happen.

but No honestly, why is it always that the Iraqi people are always controlled either by foreign powers, dicatorial local powers or ideologies that are outmoded and archaic. Is it probably because they never let themselves free, and independent? Feeling free I must admit is not an Iraqi thing, you always gota listen to parents or whoever in Charge, it is a patriarchical culture anyways . We just have to break away, and run freely, but not everyone finds that even necessary or possible.
oh well I am dreaming,
I think I am just venting , ciao for now.

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