Thursday, June 29, 2006

The fireworks yesterday.

Another fireworks, and another single year for me. But honestly this year's fireworks had a way much higher pitch in sound, I swear I was chicken scared, somehow reminded me of the Iranian-Iraqi war along with the Gulf war. I swear, just the sound of the missle when it takes off made me remember Khumayni il jayif. And honestly, all the blue and red was like a vignette of my life back then, when my older sister used to ask my mom if she can go see over the windows whilst the Americans beat the hell out of us, well sis watch it no matter what mom said, she can alway play hide and seek and it is quite frankly the same thing, but one is entertainment and the other one is actual war.
Though, at times it made me feel like I was in the middle of star wars or an allien invasion especially when the fireworks have this visual effect that it is coming towards me.
But it is amazing, it is one of days where the city i live in feels like it has an actual population. Oh, well that is Canada, peaceful and nice :)

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