Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Death is a natural thang?!

Another explanation legitimizing bombing, the new war technique that is blind to recognize civilians. What? Did military strategist lose their genius, if there was any?

The shelter that was bombed in Lebanon, 57 civilian have lost their lives, 37 of them were children!

The Israel defence is that the “terrorists” have used civilians as a barricade to shoot from!

So, is the new war technique pertain in legitimizing the bombing/shooting of civilians? That reminds me of an argument I had long time ago of Iraqi civilian massacres especially that of western Iraq, the argument in defence of such American atrocities was that of the same nature of Israeli’s argument about defence, and how the terrorists were infiltrating or helped by through civilian homes, therefore, they are collaborates and basically and quite tragically, human barricades!

Is that really war on terror, or is the violence being too vicious, and in a constant cycle of creating more terror – avenging for the lost lives of friends, family, husband, uncle, and neighbours. There are parts of human nature that is not forgiving, classical example, American soldiers avenging for their mates killing against Haditha civilians, so no one exempt, no matter of how highly we think of “them” or how lowly we think of “them”. Such war strategy technique will only create more hatred, and peace will be far fetched.

There should be some progress in drifting laws when it comes to war, it is time for Geneva Convention of war crimes to include (both) parties, something should be done in the name of the civilians, in Lebanon’s case, Hizbolah and Israel should both be accountable! Both are not really nice and scary!


zmanutdz said...

Really both of them are going nowhere with this killing. Hizbollah went and kidnapped those two soldiers and Israel went for war.

The killing wont stop, more people will die and the story will go on. Israel wont stop and Hezbollah will keep on sending those rockets. Both parties dont care about people getting killed.

Hezbollah knows hundreds will die because of the kidnapping and Israel is an expert at executing massacres.

Recognising civilians from the Israeli side is v.difficult. Hezbollah fighters are supermarket owners during the day and fighters at night. For Hezbollah, they dont want to recognise civilians, they point those rockets south and fire.

Every war is dirty and the one going on is no exception.

Ow il Geneva Convention 5ali einag3oon maiha ow eishirboo

Gilgamish said...

"Both parties dont care about people getting killed."

It reminds me of 9u9u, war wareh war. Caring about citizens seem like a strange thing in this world.

"Hezbollah fighters are supermarket owners during the day and fighters at night"

Never knew that, quite of different personalities they are, i guess they feel they are on the defensive mode.

"Every war is dirty and the one going on is no exception."

inshala la2...

"Ow il Geneva Convention 5ali einag3oon maiha ow eishirboo"

yeah, only internatinal law is one of the law streams that is rarely adhered, power politics i suppose. but i do not want to be submissive thinking, i want to be progressive. :)

thanx for your entry, and i wish if you write in your blog :)