Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot dog says bye.

My cousin who just recently came from UAE went swimming yesterday, and he returned home a bit wired, and in a crazy, sarcastic mood. It seems the only naked male body he has seen is probably his, he was totally shocked that the men’s locker room was full of naked male bodies, he was overwhelmingly disgusted, and intrigued. I told him that he would make a very picky woman, but he continued that he will not eat sausages for some, good , looong time….!!

But hotdogs are good, too bad I decided to make timen bagila today, or else I would have made some good, yummy hotdogs just for a laugh, I should buy one of those long, big, bulky ones, once cooked, they would hang, and so all I have to do is to hold it from one point and let the rest of flab hang, and offer it to my dear cousin. I sound like a bad cousin, but it will be an interesting reaction. But no, I am gona be a good cousin, and I will wait for his trauma to end, but he would seriously make a very bad, picky woman, but doesn’t he have one like that too?!


zmanutdz said...

You are one bad cousin, jks. I can imagine his reaction but apparently your cousin never looks in the mirror or downward when he is changing. Hopefully he will get over this with some of your timan bagila. lool.

Maxxed`ouT said...


Gilgamish said...


i think it will take some time for him, like when i woke up today, he mentioned stuff about the hot dog fever, honestly i think he is in trauma, even when he talked with my mom today, he was talking to her about his innoncent self :D


whats so naughty? nevertheless, naughtiness is good for the heart ;)

ciao now :)