Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Men, they are either like a rainy, moon season or not, they never come in time when they are wanted, or come in time when things are not so welcoming of them, they have cyclical mood swings, almost like a rush hour and then it dies.
I do not care anyways, I am tired, busy, and workaholic for the time being.


zmanutdz said...

What a coincidence, I have similar feelings towards ladies. Only that they have been missing for a while now, maybe I am going through a dry season.

I find it hard to believe that you really ' dont care '. I am sure if Mr.right comes by, arrangements can be made through the packed and busy schedule of yours ;)

Gilgamish said...

oh, it is good to find out someone who goes through these cyclical periods.

Sometimes, i have this obsecure explanation, that there is this energy in this world that does wonders to us, it bounds, bonds and the opposite, maybe having this seasons is to teach us something, i am not sure..