Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random Things and Characters I hate with passion:

1.Filling big, huge, long applications and all the paper work for that matter, I Kind of lose my sanity through the process.

2.Money is a bitch, for it tangles my initial freedom from birth to life imprisonment of having to get that dirt in my pockets.

3.The fire alarm. It is enough for me that I am wearing glasses, I do not think I have to lose my hearing for just making kebab/burgers, they should change this loud siren into more variety of alarm tones, how about hibhob beable….yeah I know it is hip hop :D

4.Rap. Enough said.

5.Flip flops, and most of the sandals, as they always give me bruises, I hate bruises, luckily I found one comfy one.

6.Tan lines, I do not like to pass as a Zebra. Nude beaches…hhhmmm never tried that one! (giggles)

7.Men making great symphonies while eating, men talking aloud while me watching t.v. observably, men making stupid, silly comments, thinking they are cool. Insensitive men as a whole.

8.Bombs, and the extremist bugs from all sides.

9.Moral supremacists people, unscrupulous people thinking bad is cool, or closed-minded people judging others of being the ones who are closed-minded, Oh I can not take those ones!

10.Writers using Big, flowery words to flaunt their inability to communicate with the readers. I must admit quite confidently, not all people have memorized all of the words in the dictionary !

11.Cigarettes, especially the smell….Yack!!!

12.Gender double standards, it is funny why is it downtown at night you see Arab guys hanging out with no Arabic female breath I feel in the crowd, what is it, the night life is only for them!!

13.Egoistic People that talk too much about themselves, keeping quiet will always label you as an unaccomplished loser. Humbleness is not their book, but when they keep quiet, that’s when their limit sets in.

14. Hardworking, workaholic people that forgot that life is not only a struggle but a
also, a big party booty shaking!

15. Writing this!


Fayrouz said...

That was a nice post. I hate rap too.

I bought my "first" and comfy pair of flip-flop this summer. I guess I'm lucky :-)

Gilgamish said...



And congrats on your first comfy pair of flip-flop. It is a great treat :)