Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A short visit ...

My friend needed a course outline, so today I had a short trip to my University, well my EX-university. It felt so strange steping into the classroom, so spacious, full of intelligent-looking young people, I recognized two people I know.
I loved the prof. and I loved the subject discussed, it was "Canadian legal process" class, wierd I have not taken this class, thats what happens when a person changes majors, the electives won't be that much focused.

Ah, I loved it, loved it, I love theorizing, I love the academia and I love the people around me. Ah, lets talk about positive, natural and realist laws........Yeah!!!

Honestly, why would I want to go out to the real world, academia is much more sheltered with nice caring profs whom their sole task is to make you think and question, and you will meet with people who you can have long, intereting conversations with.The academia is a civilization, and why would I want to leave it, and to where, to the ugly real world! I like theorizing and I like asking what went wrong, and I like endless questions...

If education was for free, I would have pursued my PHD, drink and party! Yes, I would love to puruse my career as an intellectual hippi, but capitalism, oh capitalism is forever capitulating me, or not...hhhmmm let me ponder upon the question of my self-emancipiation from the materialist life style, and conclude if whether it is possible in our modern world to happen?

but now, I feel exuberantly enticed to talk about my nationalist sentiments, about my Iraqiness....If i was an Iraqi living in healthy Iraq, I would not have had OSAP, oh gosh, but I love Canada though..
oh well, me go away now...


shlemazl said...

Good luck. I like your blogname.

One day you may be able to go back to Iraq, if you still want to. Yanks mostly get there way - they sorted out Japan and Germany.

Gilgamish said...

"Good luck. I like your blogname."

thanx :)

"One day you may be able to go back to Iraq, if you still want to. Yanks mostly get there way - they sorted out Japan and Germany."

Iraq situation seems quite different, it is more like a quagmire, given Iraq's tough neigbours as oppose to germany's and japan at that time.