Sunday, July 02, 2006

waiting and making descisions.

Alrighty, so I graduated. Did not get any sucky, filed-unrelated job yet, however I did apply for two, real good internships. I will be applying for more and more, I do not know, getting a job does it have to do with quantity of jobs I am applying to or the quality. If it is quality, then I hope I will get into one of those internships that I have applied already, if quantity, then I must probably wait until I reach a number that will make me feel confident that I must pusure more of filed-unrelated, suck jobs or continue education.

If I to continue education, Money is needed, since I am was such an idiot since I did not work hard enough to get any attempt of me getting a scholarship, my major average is a B, ok just a B, if I want to do a masters, I need at least a B+. But I still have the choice of me purusing another four semesters in econ. and a business degree, this kind of degree is more commerical and market oriented.
But more Money.
I want education to be free, at least to me. Honestly, why do they have to tie us like that wit debt.

Or I can kick education right on the ass, and do one of the banking/investment certificates, and employ my current degree International Relations on something I like and feel more passionate about, like be an NGO or something related.

Honestly, making decisions is hard, it is not like that opportunities are abundat.

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