Monday, July 03, 2006

Sheesh Hasheesh

The very interesting internship that I was dying to get, was an intership where I can apply my degree with all the topics that are of interest to me, which I mailed last Friday, was unfortunate enough to freeze somewhere in the North Pole, it was sent to Santa for my wish to be untrue next Christmas. No, truthfully, I phone called the place and the person who was in charge for the interns' employment has stopped working since the last three years. The person I talked to had an awesome English accent, and told me, that a quite number of people have asked to talk to this imginary fella, apparently the site that I went to was an old, outdated grandma.
And I asked him with a wishful, rather hopeful voice if they hand any internships for the time being, he replied me with an appologizing sad voice "No, we don't" .


I think I should phone call and then email/mail and not the way round, collecting correct informations seem like a task of its own.


programmer craig said...

You got a mention from Aunt Najma on Iraq Blog Count :)

Back with 3 blogs to add

Sorry about the old ad you answered. Outdated information that people are too lazy to take down drives me nuts. I used tow ork for a company that advertized jobs that weren't actually available - year round. Their thinking was that when they did have a job opening, they'd have a list of candidates already. They viewed it as a good thing, but I wouldn't have wanted to be one of the people interviewing for a job that didn't exist!

Gilgamish said...

hey PC,

Yes I saw that on Iraqblogcount. thank you though :)

"Their thinking was that when they did have a job opening, they'd have a list of candidates already."

That is horrible, honestly an applicant would wait in anticipation to get a reply from them, especially fresh grads like and all we have is hope.
And it is also a waste of time and energy.

thats wierd ...i never knew anything like that.
The real world eh! :D

programmer craig said...

Don't worry, it was just that one company! And I've worked for a lot of companies in the last 16 years in the private sector :)